EBOLA SCARE Airline Passenger Pleads … ‘I AIN’T FROM AFRICA’

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Fear of Ebola led to the scary scene in this video and it should be a lesson to everyone these days — NEVER say “Africa” right after sneezing on a plane … because you could be removed by men in hazmat suits.

A US Airways flight from Philadelphia landed in the Dominican Republic Thursday, and was immediately greeted by health officials after a passenger decided to make a stupid joke.

According to passengers the man sneezed and then said he’d just come from Africa. Flight attendants immediately reported it … even though the man pleaded with them that he was only joking. 

In reality he had NOT been to Africa, and as he was removed he said … “I ain’t from Africa. S**t!”

Dumb joke to make, and his fellow passengers were not amused. You can see them hurling taunts and boos as he walks off the plane.

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