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Economic Recession ‘Nigeria on brink of a famine unlike any we’ve seen anywhere,’ UN says

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The United Nations (UN) has warned that Nigeria faces a famine unlike any that has been experienced anywhere else on the planet.

Africa’s most populous country is grappling with an economic recession following a slump in the global price of crude oil.

Inflation is at an 11-year high in Nigeria, the Naira has weakened considerably and GDP has contracted in consecutive quarters.

UN’s Assistant Secretary-General Toby Lanzer, says a quarter of a million children in Nigeria’s north east are severely malnourished.

Malnourished boy at an IDP camp in Borno

(Sky News)

Speaking at a meeting in Brussels, Lanzer said of the millions who haven’t yet been reached: “We can’t assess their situation – we can estimate that it’s awful.”

According to A Sky News story, “millions more are thought to be starving in refugee camps that are too dangerous for aid agencies to reach”.

Plenty of food and materials donated to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps are often stolen by officials, according to local news reports.

Lanzer added that if Nigeria doesn’t get help fast, “we will see, I think, a famine unlike any we have ever seen anywhere”.

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