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Mama Gee joins Rosiji for Gaurapad Reality Board

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Celebrated actress, Patience Ozokwor, and afro folk singer, Patience Monye, were among the celebrities that rallied round the Chairman of the Gaurapad Foundation, Mr. Bolaji Rosiji, on Saturday, when he inaugurated the Gaurapad Reality Board.

The board is a chart of dreams, actions and envisaged achievement designed to drive a committed member to success. According to Rosiji, it is a profound tool that can create a revolution in the lives of every man and woman on the face of the planet.

He said, “It is a tool anybody can use to make their dream come true. It is an age-old mechanism that has been in use for long, but kept secret by the elite, to achieve success it in life. What we have done is to simplify it so that people can participate massively.”

With the power embedded in the principle, he added, one would have the ability to develop one’s mindset and mould one’s thoughts and emotions to bring about one’s desires. Rosiji is of the opinion that human beings can control their world and make their expectations come true, particularly when there is a strategic plan of action.

Linking such to the business opportunities that the Gaurapad Charities offers, he said, “The age-old principles in the Reality Board will open all eyes to the beauty, the miracle, the joy and the possibilities abound in our universe. It is an opportunity to train ourselves to be adventurous instead of worriers. Those who practise the principle spelt out in this board will dance with grace.”

According to the former President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, life can be wonderful despite all the difficulties people see around.

Rosiji advised the oppressed citizens of the world that the wisest choice they could make is to use their hardship and suffering as a springboard to discover the very best of who they are. In so doing, he added, they totally would release themselves from the role of a victim and become victors of life.

“All of us desperately want guarantees in life. We all want our lives to be secure, safe and predictable. We all want guarantees that life will give us a happy marriage, wealth, vigorous health and happy children. You don’t have to live in a cloud of anxiety that never goes away. You really can control your world.”

Ozokwor and Monye commended Rosiji for the initiative, which they described as worthwhile.

Ozokwor said, “Over the years, he has been giving to a lot of people through various organisations. But what he is initiating now is a means of empowering the people. He wants them to become self-dependent so that they too will be useful not just to themselves and their family, but also to other people.”

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