My wife must be pretty like my mum — Eminiic

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Up-and-coming music artiste, Prince Emmanuel Azubuike, also known as Eminiic, talks about his foray into the music industry

Who is Eminiic?

My real name is Prince Emmanuel Azubuike. I am an undergraduate of Business Management, Abia State University, Uturu. School is pending at the moment. Growing up was fun, except for the whooping I got from my father. I am from Imo State. I am the first child out of a family of four. My father is late but he was a disciplinarian and I was scared of him. I would not want to be that kind of father to my children.

What fuelled your love for music?

Music is something I have always carried with me. I have been doing music since I was 13. My father used to play a lot of Oliver DeCoque, Osadebe and other highlife music when I was younger and I used to get bored listening to songs like that. I preferred listening to foreign artistes. But when he passed on in 2003, I discovered that I went back to those kinds of songs. Before I knew it, I started listening and getting addicted to them. I started making music from live bands and performing at dinners or weddings. I was also in the church choir.

How did you get into the music industry?

While I was waiting for my admission into the university, and as an apprentice in a hair salon, a friend of mine who is also a rapper came to meet me. He encouraged me to go into hip-hop music, and other genres that could make me relate with my fellow youths. I thought about it and since I knew I could sing, I decided to give it a trial. I stopped doing the live performances and decided to take my craft to the studio. Friends encouraged me to get a record deal and that was how it started.

How did you coin the name, Eminiic?

When my friend suggested that I should go into music full time, I asked him to suggest a stage name for me and he came up with Eminiic. I found it interesting. When I got home that night, I sat down and tried to come up with a way it should be spelt. I had so many suggestions and finally came up with the one I use now. It means ‘Every Moment In Natural Interesting Cases’.

You were in the choir, why did you decide to do secular music?

When I was in the choir, I used to tell my colleagues that I did not see myself doing full-time gospel music. That did not mean I drifted from the church setting. I just wanted to mingle and give out what God gave me, which is the voice. I wanted people to feel the unusual gift and talent. Being a gospel artiste has an air attached to it. It is as if you have a special kind of audience you minister to. When you are secular artiste and eventually sing a gospel song, you would pull more crowd. I wanted to reach out to more people and I felt gospel music would hold me back in some areas.

What is the message in your kind of music?

I make music to make people happy. That is my driving force. I like to see people smile.

What do people not know about you?

I can braid female hair. While waiting for admission into the university, I learnt how to braid ladies’ hair. It is something that keeps me happy apart from music. I intend to own my own hair gallery soon, and also host a reality show on it. I also draw; I am a good artist. I love to play football too.

Who was your greatest motivator?

My mother. She loved Toni Braxton and Tina Turner a lot. I found myself singing their songs too. Words motivate me also. I am emotional and little words can get me happy or sad.

Have you always had the support of your family?

My mother is my greatest supporter, and she is also my stylist. She has a good dress sense and influences the way I dress. Before my father passed on, he wanted me to be a doctor and would tear my drawing book any time he caught me drawing.

Do you intend to delve into other areas of entertainment?

Yes, I am an all-round entertainer. I see myself as an actor and a host soon. I would like to be an ambassador of so many things. I could also be a minister sometime in future. I see myself as a brand, not just an artiste.

How do you intend to handle the competition in the industry?

I see the music industry as a party where the deejay would have to mix and play different kinds of songs. That means that every song is important. It means that everyone is important too. I have my fans and the more popular artistes have theirs. I could be the biggest name in the music industry tomorrow. So there is no competition for me. We sell what we have and our fans buy what they want to buy.

How is your love life?

I am open to women. I like babies and will like to have a baby sometime soon but I am not in any relationship now. I am just focused on my career. My ideal lady should be as pretty as my mum. She should be hardworking, industrious and have a vision of what she wants in life and see beyond what other people see. She should support me and must believe in God. Also, I like women that are playful and calm at heart. She has to be simple, smart, not complicated and ambitious.

How do you handle female fans?

I see every embarrassment as blessings. I love my female fans and I do not joke with them. They are more relative than men. But I do not compromise my business. I try to focus on my work at all times.

How do you intend to carve a niche for yourself in the industry?

I try to improve myself at all times. I also change my looks to feel different. I work hard at what I do and I try to be better than I was yesterday; and I can give my fans the best. If I am where I was yesterday, I would be boring. I try to be relevant.

What informs the way you dress?

Style means being unique and expressing yourself in the best way you can. I like to dress to be noticed. I like it sophisticated, cool and colourful, but not flamboyant.

How do you unwind?

I like to sit and hang out with real friends. I like football; it makes me happy and takes away my worries and keeps me fit. I also like being with ladies and making them laugh.

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