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News:Cossy Orjiakor ‘I would love to make my butt bigger,’ the actress reveals

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Cossy Orjiakor has revealed her desire to make her butt bigger.

Opting for a booty in the range of American rap act, Nicki Minaj‘s size, Cossy recently said if she’s wealthy enough to go for a plastic surgery, she ‘would get that kind of Nicki Minaj kind of butt. I would get massive backside. If I have more money, I would make my backside bigger.’

Speaking further in an interview session with The Punch, Cossy, who is currently shooting a movie entitled Sarafina’s Breast, disagrees with the notion that her massive sized boobs are curse to her personality.

In her words, ‘How can I see any part of my body as a curse? I wish it is even bigger. I wish my backside is also as big. I love the way I am. I am perfect. If I am not like this, I don’t think anybody would look at me. I am okay.

With my carriage, I don’t think anybody can walk up to me and start saying rubbish. It is hard for anybody to do that. They will look face nah. All I get is ‘Hi Cossy, I am your fan!.’ I have never been arrested before or asked to pull over at police check point. If they stop me, they greet me and I greet them back and I even shake my boobs for them and they hail me more. But others would pass and they would ask them to pull over,’ she reveals

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