Niger Delta ‘We’ll intimidate the army soon,’ New militant group

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The new militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, has described the Nigerian army operations as unprofessional and lazy.

The militants, in a statement signed by its spokesman, General Aldo Agbalaja, said the Nigerian government and the military is a “pathetic waste of time and peoples’ resources.”

It alleged that “the ongoing ‘so-called’ operation, which the deceptive military administration has guised as an innocent training drill (Operation Crocodile Smile) is nothing but a facade, put together just to retire freshly stolen military funds.”

“These unprofessional and ill-trained men have been feverishly engaged in a spree of blind arrests; just anyone that comes in sight, which explains the senseless arrest and parade of a septuagenarian, some teenagers and a pregnant woman as militants. Their eventual release by these oppressors, after being subjected to serious torture, intimidation and irreparable humiliation, is enough to prove to the Commander-in-Chief that they have all along had no clue to what is happening, just doing everything anyhow.

“Again, the Nigerian Army, in a bid to save face, announced the arrest of ‘the declarer of Operation Crocodile Tears’ and its spokesman said his name is Gabriel Ogbudje.

“By the so-called arrest, these jesters are suggesting that they have finally reached the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we do not know this said Gabriel Ogbudje, as either member or leader, so we wonder why he was attributed with the mandate’s ongoing operation?”

The group added that it will soon make a very loud statement to intimidate the army and to prove to the world that the Nigerian armed forces have been engaged in a blind and random arrest of mostly innocent and helpless community people in the region.

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