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Rampaging Chilean Fans Mistakenly Break Into Arena’s Media Room

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Nearly 100 rampaging Chilean fans broke through a security checkpoint at the Maracana stadium on Wednesday, rushing
through a large media room and breaking down walls as they tried to force their way into the sold-out Spain vs Chile match at the World Cup.

The red-shirted supporters, mostly young men, surged through the media centre underneath the stands, shouting and shoving their way past journalists and TV crews toward a corridor they apparently thought would lead to the grandstands.

To get to the corridor, the fans broke down a
temporary wall in a corner of the room, sending metal lockers crashing to the ground, according to Associated Press journalists.

They then rushed back down the corridor in the other direction, smashing other parts of
the same wall down onto media work tables and television screens.

Security at the Maracana where the World Cup final will be held July 13 were slow to react to the mass break-in less than an hour before kickoff. They eventually contained the fans in a section of the corridor around 15 minutes after they first forced their way in.

The Rio de Janeiro state security secretariat, which oversees security forces, said in a statement that 85 fans were detained. FIFA said it was at least 85. Some were marched away in a line by security officials, their
arms resting on the shoulders of the people in front of them.

An official with the Rio security secretariat said that the detained fans would spend the night in jail and then likely be notified by Brazil’s Federal Police, who enforce immigration laws, that they must leave the
country within three days.

The official spoke on condition his name not be used, as he wasn’t allowed to discuss the issue with the media.

Outside the stadium after the rampage, riot police armed with stun guns forced dozens of the detained fans to walk single-file toward a holding area. There, the Chile supporters chanted and loudly complained
about scalpers charging $ 1,000 a ticket for the game.

“I travelled thousands of kilometres to get here!” one fan yelled, while others chanted “FIFA is a mafia! FIFA is a mafia!”

Asked how many guards should have been watching the entry where the Chileans broke through, security guard Diego Goncalves said “about 20.”

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