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2 pregnant women shot during burial of Baga cultist

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wo pregnant women have been shot following a clash between Aiye and Baga cultists.

The Daily Post News reported that the incident occurred in Obosi, Anambra State.

Friday Roll, a member of the Baga cult group was being buried at his family home but a solemn day of mourning soon turned chaotic for guests at the ceremony.

Ten cultists belonging to both gang were reportedly killed during a blood bath.

The intensity of the rivalry had prompted policemen who were called the scene of the fight to keep their distance.

”On the burial day, as the funeral ceremony was about to start, members of the Baga cult group made straight to where the corpse of its member was lying in state in the family compound in Obosi, and removed the corpse to where the Baga members were performing their own funeral rites in honour of their killed member – a development which the family saw as a slight but was handicapped to react to because of the weapons they carried,” a source told the Daily Post.

It was gathered that members of the Baga cult group robbed guests while conducting a special ritual on the corpse of their slain member.

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