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APC commends Lagos over poverty alleviation scheme

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The All Progressives Congress has lauded the Lagos
State Government on its Economic Empowerment
Programme for the Unemployed in the state.

The party said the programme would help deal with
the challenges with hosting the largest concentration
of Nigerian educated and non educated youths in the
face of poverty in the country.

In a statement by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary
of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said the
government and the APC had demonstrated their
readiness to deal with the problems of poverty being
exacerbated by the anti people policy of the PDP-led
Federal Government.

The APC said, “We are glad that the Lagos State
Government has flagged off this epic programme
that targets the downtrodden and unemployed
Nigerians who continue to get disempowered and
poor by the deliberate policies of the PDP federal

“We are aware that the World Bank ranks Nigeria as
the country with the third largest population of poor
people and has projected that by 2015, Nigeria will
become the country with the largest number of poor
people in the world.

“We see this as a dreaded scenario and we are happy
that the APC government is responsive to the plight
of Nigerians, who are increasingly targeted by the
mass pauperisation policies the PDP has made the
cornerstone of its governance for nearly sixteen

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