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Are You A Music Artist Or A Song Writer?


Are You A Music Artist Or A Song Writer?

Monty Entertainment is always looking for exceptional talent and sound. We are primarily looking for “RADIO READY” individuals who have a distinct sound that let’s them stand apart from the crowd.

If you would like to submit material and it is not something that you (or we) can envision being played on regular radio stations, then maybe we will not be a good fit for you.

If you do have a sound and style that can “pop” and be welcomed by your own favorite radio stations, then let’s see what you got!

Send us your demo at: or call us on: 08024539410, 08062938193, 08097074365 for more information.

Free  advice

If you don’t already have a fan base, start getting one. Setup your Facebook fan page, get a twitter account, get some photos, and get your music up there for people to hear. Just because you create the accounts is not good enough, you have to actually use then regularly. You need to become involved with the building of your career. If you are not excited and involved with it, how do you expect any fans to be excited and involved with it either?

We can offer you more free advice on building up your fan base online when you submit your demo.

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