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Arrest 57 Boko Haram Suspects in Yobe

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The Nigerian military have reportedly arrested 57 Boko Haram suspects in Yobe State.

P.M. News reports with reference to the top security source that the suspected terrorists sneaked into the capital Potiskum with the plan to launch attack during Eid.

The source, who pleaded for anonymity, said October 4:

“We have in the last three days made 57 arrests of suspected Boko Haram terrorists who infiltrated Potiskum in preparation for planned massive attacks during the Eid celebrations.”

According to the information provided, those detained were captured in different part of the capital.

“They were arrested in different parts of the town and they were sent in advance, while weapons they were to use in the planned attacks were to be smuggled in later.”

Residents said that for the security reasons the traditional chief of Potiskum had to make a last-minute change in the venue of the Eid prayers.

It would be recalled that on October 3 the 7th Division of the Nigerian army official claimed that Boko Haram plot to carry out multiple explosions in Maiduguri, Borno State, during Eid El Kabir celebrations. To prevent the tragedy the military enhanced security measures across the state and banned vehicular movement in Borno from 5 p.m. October 3 to 7 a.m. October 6.

In September, the military have conducted a number of successful operations having arrested hundreds of Boko Haram suspects.

The recent operations include the detention of 50 alleged sect members as the latter were trying to flee from Damboa area to Gombe. Another set of suspects was said to have been apprehended in Adamawa State; those arrested are believed to have been participating in Boko Haram attacks in Michika, Bazza, Madagali, Gulak and other regions of the state.

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