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Bono becomes world’s richest pop star after investment in Facebook earns him over $1billion

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U2’s Bono has become the world’s richest pop star after raking in nearly £1 billion from his Facebook shares. The Beautiful Day hitmaker bought a 2.3 per cent share in the social media network for £56 million in 2009 with the investment group that he co-founded, Elevation Partners. Today that share is worth a whopping £940 million, according to reports. That means that Bono’s venture has earned him more in the last six years than the whole of his incredible music career.

Now Bono takes over Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney as the world’s richest pop star. The singer, who is married to Nancy Shevell, has an impressive £730 million. While Madonna has £520 million.

Facebook hit its own ‘billion’ milestone this week, when it had one billion users in one day.
The company went public in 2009.

Source: UK Mirror

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