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Breaking News: 11000 protesters take to the streets against trump victory photos

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Following Donald Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton at the recently concluded election, protests have started throughout the United States. The demonstrators marching in cities across the United States to protest against Donald Trump’s surprise win, are blasting his campaign because he spoke against immigrants, Muslims and other groups. In New York, thousands of people filled streets in midtown Manhattan as they made their way to Trump Tower, where Trump lives on Fifth Avenue.
Students have turned out en masse for the Trump protests

Shouts of “Not my president!” are being heard over and over again. Also a demonstration of about 6,000 people have blocked traffic in Oakland, California, according to the local police. The protesters also threw objects at police who have donned riot gear. Some of the protesters are burning trash in the middle of an intersection, setting off fireworks and smashing store front windows.
According to Reuters, the police responded by throwing chemical irritants at the protesters. Meanwhile in Chicago, about 1,800 people have gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, shouting: “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA.”
In response the Chicago police have closed roads in the area, stopping the protesters from continuing their move forward. There were no reports of arrests and violence in Chicago yet.

22-year-old Adriana Rizzo in Chicago who was holding a sign that read: “Enjoy your rights while you can,” spoke to the press saying: “I’m just really terrified about what is happening in this country.” Meanwhile in Los Angeles, about 5,000 protesters sat on the 101 Hollywood Freeway, blocking traffic as police wearing their riot gear simply looked on.
On the streets of downtown Oakland in California, the protest has turned violent as protesters were choked with smoke on Thursday, November 10 as police launched tear gas and protesters lit fires, in what became by far the most violent of the many protests against the election of Trump.


 Police arrest a protester in California
Meanwhile, in response to Trump’s victory, Barack Obama has said he will ensure smooth transition of power in come January 2017.

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