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Couple having sex in sea become stuck together and have to be separated in hospital

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Hard to believe but that is what Italian media reported this week…lol. An unidentified Italian couple had to be rushed to the hospital this week after their genitals got stuck together while having sex in the sea at Porto San Giorgio in the Marche region of Italy

According to Italian newspaper Il Mattino, the man and woman called for help about 30minutes after they went into the sea. A woman walking along the deserted beach heard their call for help and handed them a towel. Other locals went to rescue the embarrassed couple and called an ambulance. It took about an hour for an ambulance to get there and take the couple to the hospital.

A doctor was able to free them by administering an injection to dilate the woman’s uterus. Doctors later told the press that the man was ‘unable to extricate himself from the woman due to suction’.

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