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Death toll rises to 1,229, says WHO

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The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
has risen to 1,229, the World Health Organisation
said on Tuesday.

According to the WHO’s latest report, between
August 14 and 16, at least, 84 people lost their lives
and 113 new Ebola cases were recorded in Liberia,
Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

The EVD has killed 466 in Liberia, 394 in Guinea, 365
in Sierra Leone and four in Nigeria. In total, 2,240
cases have been confirmed since the outbreak
occurred in Guinea in March.

The WHO’s emergency committee on Ebola declared
the disease an international public health emergency
in August, which was the third time such an alarm
level has been raised.

Ebola has no confirmed cure or vaccine yet.

However, the United States sent an untested serum
to Liberia for two ill Liberian doctors, while Canada
has sent a vaccine, which is on a testing stage, to the

Meanwhile, the American Ambassador to Nigeria,
James Entwistle, on Monday said his country was not
yet in a position to make the EVD experimental drug,
Zmapp, available to Nigeria.

Entwistle said during a visit to the Nigerian Minister
of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu that the drug was
not yet available in sufficient quantity to go round all
the countries requesting it.

The ambassador did not say when the drug would be
available for Africa’s most populous country. He,
however, advised the Nigerian health ministry to
focus on isolation, screening and prevention.

Entwistle commended the efforts of the Federal
Government in curbing the spread of the virus in the
country. He said the aim of the visit was to discuss
further on the anti-Ebola cooperation between the US
government and the Nigerian government.

The ambassador also praised the work done at the
emergency operation centre and the isolation centre,
saying he understood that they were working hard.

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