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Disgraced Former NBA Owner Donald Sterlings Calls Wife A “PIG”

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Disgraced former NBA owner Donald Sterling has just taken his madness to a whole new level and this time, his white-skinned wife, Shelly Sterling comes face to face with his bad mouth.

The former L.A Clippers previously vowed to change but his recent comments to his wife prove otherwise, as he went all ballistic on her during a recent court appearance.

In a testimony in court on July 9, over the rights to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, Sterling rejected his wife’s public affection and called her a ‘PIG’ Shelly who had just stepped down from the witness stand after the presiding judge called for the end of Wednesday’s testimony approached her hubby, apparently to give him a hug or maybe a kiss.

“Get away from me, you pig,” Donald blurted out in the courtroom in which every one of the 102 seats was occupied.

Shelly obviously shocked and heart broken returned to her seat on the other side.

She was later escorted out of the courtroom in tears. We just wonder if she’s going to side her rude racist husband in this on going case against the NBA.

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