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Do You Think Olamide’s New Video Can Change The Perception Of ‘Science Student’?

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Nigerian hip-hop singer, Olamide has revealed teaser video to his song “Science Student” which came out on the 11th of January 2018.

Science Student is one song in 2018 that has received harsh reactions from Nigerians when it came out especially on social media with some politicians airing their views online, trashing out the song as a bad influence on the Nigerian youth and calling on the Government to ban it.

With all the negative comments, Olamide had to come out to clear the wrong perceptions by letting all know that the song is not a song that promotes drug abuse as people claim, rather it is a song that creates awareness on the abuse of drugs by Nigerian youths, urging them to stop else they’ll go crazy.

These attempt by Baddosneh yield little or nothing as the song was later banned from being aired on any broadcasting station in Nigeria, retaining their position that the song is not a good influence on the youth of the country hence “unfit for broadcast”.

Well, this move declaring Science Student “Unfit” hasn’t fazed Olamide who has gone ahead to make a video for the song and from the look of it, it is an obvious movement kind of video to clearly state to everyone that Science Student is not promoting drug abuse rather it is saying NO TO DRUG ABUSE and one of the ways Olamide is passing across this message is to clearly state it in the video. That was quite funny when cited. It was like saying “For those of you that won’t understand this video, let me write it out in plain English”.

But do you think this video is a good damage control strategy?

I think it is in a way with Olamide trying to not just salvage the song and what it stands for, but also clear the wrong perception people have created about him after the release of Science Student. This is an attempt to make people understand that they can’t call him what he’s not and they won’t stop him from making money from the song as he has work hard to birth.

The video, from teaser seen looks really put together with the Micheal Jackson Thriller vibe going on. We cannot wait to watch the full video and see the reactions it’ll get.

We ask you again, do you think this will clear the doubts of others who see nothing but negativity in Olamide’s Science Student?


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