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Drake raps about missing Rihanna in new single

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Drake is obviously obsessed with Rihanna. Not only
did he whine publicly -many times- when she
dumped him many years ago after sleeping with him,
he’s talked about her a few times in his songs.

The on again/off again couple, who are currently
back on, spent sometime together earlier this year in
Europe when Drake was on tour, but immediately
they returned to LA, things were much different.

Their time together obviously meant something to
Drake because he rapped about it in his leaked new
song ‘Views From The 6’, the title track for his next

Drake talked about their time in Europe, how they
stopped talking when they returned to LA, and even
mentioned Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde’s name in the track.

When Drake mentions Melissa in the track,
a snippet of Rih talking is played! A man who is truly
in love. Find the lyrics after the cut..

“Must remember waking up in Paris with the
blunt/you must remember fucking me like
anytime you want. What made us wanna act like
we were married for two weeks. Now we’re back
in California we don’t even speak. That’s a no-no.

Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve
that action. Plus you get more paper than I do.
That shit is attractive. Things that make me miss

With Jen & Melissa. (Rihann’s voice plays here)
Tell the squad I said what’s up girl. Look at me,
Look at me.

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