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Duncan Daniels – Blindly in Love

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Blindly in love” follows a different approach from the norm, whereas a track is recorded and then released in audio format to be played on radio and based on how popular the record becomes, a music video is created to add visual to the song. This is a music industry standard ploy and it works. “Blindly in love” however is a story in which both music and visual events are very instrumental in portraying the message behind the song, they cannot be fully appreciated one without the other, only as a full package does the message impact the listening viewer. I love to tell stories with my music and this is an example of how I will continue to express myself through music. This video can be interpreted in so many different ways; however there are no wrong interpretations to it. Whatever metaphorical message you get from this video is yours to keep. We put a lot of work into getting this done so I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it

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