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Evans asked that I forgive that it was the devil who pushed him – Victim testifies in Court

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Donatus Dunu, a business man and one of the alleged victims of suspected kidnap kingpin, has testified against Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans in court, Punch reports.

Dunu told the court how he was abducted, and how he subsequently escaped from capture.

Evans and his gang had requested €1 million, Duru said, and had rejected ₦60 million when it was offered.

Read his testimony below:

I closed from work around 7:30 p.m. when an SUV double-crossed me and a man came down from the car and pointed a long gun at me. He dragged me down and pushed me into the booth of their car and shut it.

At a time, they (my family) said they have been able to raise up to ₦60 million, promising that when I come out, they will pay the remaining money, but Evans said me and my brother were saying rubbish.

I overheard one of the kidnappers telling others that the best option was to kill me since my brothers were not acting fast in paying their €1 million.

But after I prayed in the midnight of Thursday, before the Friday they scheduled to kill me, the shackles on my legs, like the one used to chain mad people and the padlocks, opened up.

I found the kidnapper guarding me deep in sleep on a three-seater in the parlour.

I walked to the kitchen, found the doors open; then to the protector, eased my way through the loose locks; and, surprisingly, I found a ladder in the compound that aided my escape into the next compound.

On the day that I jumped into the next compound, which was also a bungalow like the one in which I was kept, I sustained injuries, apart from looking very unkempt and haggard; so, the couple into whose compound I jumped were scared.

They threatened to call security in the street or the police. I told them to call the police. When they were about to do that, electricity went off and they abandoned me and went back to sleep.

At that time, I realised that the kidnappers had started looking for me. So, I hid somewhere in there till morning.

The couple woke up to see me and decided to call the street chairman. But before they could do that, a young man, of about 24 years of age, flogged me and chased me out of the compound.

I got to a nursery school around the kidnappers’ den and the corporate guards there didn’t still believe my story. Somehow, another man who listened to my story decided to call my wife and cousin when I gave him their numbers. It was my cousin’s line that connected and they spoke.

So, the man then believed that I was not a thief. He then took me to Idimu Police Station, from where the Ilupeju Police Station, where my brothers initially lodged the complaint of my kidnapping, was contacted.

From there, we went to the anti-cultism and kidnapping (department) in Surulere and then to the Lagos State Police Commissioner’s office, from where all of us went to the kidnappers’ den.

Thereafter, I was taken to Police House in Lagos, where I saw Evans and the second defendant.

Also at Agege Police Station, I saw the fourth defendant known as Congo, who is from my home town.

At the meetings, they pleaded that I should forgive them that it was the devil that pushed them.

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