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Femi Jubal – Around the world

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Around the world Off

After declaring two weeks ago on a US radio interview that he is a Gospel artist. Femi Jubal has just put together a brand new song, his first single in 2014.

In this song, he encourages fans around the world that anything done for love will go round the world. The message is that 2014 is a promising year and dreamers around the world should keep their hopes alive and not give up too soon. It doesn’t have to look like it’s going to happen, but with faith and a corresponding action, anything we do in 2014 and beyond will go round the world.

Free styled on a beat by the legendary Cobhams and recorded at Alien prose studios. Femi is ready to set a standard for the glory of the Kingdom.

The CommonWealth Group. A platform for promoting and celebrating Kingdom music announced that the official release in Africa is 14th of february, 15th in the US and 18th in the UK.

This song is a prayer so listen and share with your friends and loved ones and remember, anything you do;


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