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Flavour and Brymo not at war

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Shortly after it was reported that popular singer, Flavour, sold about a million copies of his latest album in five days, his colleague Brymo made some sarcastic remarks on Twitter saying, “the records are selling in millions again, the lies are heaping again.”

Of course, not just a few believed that the tweet was directed at Flavour, making them to conclude that all is not well between the two artistes.

Brymo eventually apologised about the tweet but not before it went viral.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, Brymo’s manager, Lanre Lawal, said that the tweet was not directed at Flavour and there was no war between both parties.

Lawal said, “The tweet was not directed at Flavour, neither was it meant to insult his person. He was just addressing the issues that are happening in the industry generally. They are colleagues and they are not at loggerheads. He was just surprised that so many things were happening in the industry and nobody is speaking up. Our albums don’t sell because people don’t buy them, they would rather buy pirated mix tapes. Even when Brymo saw how his tweet was misconstrued, he called me to lament about the situation. If the tweet was malicious, I would have told him to delete it. He was not dissing Flavour because they are friends.”

Also, Flavour’s representative who simply identified himself as Femi corroborated Lawal’s claim. He said that Brymo has a right to tweet whatever he likes but there was no bad blood between the two singers.

“There is no bad blood or beef on Flavour’s part, Brymo can go ahead and say whatever he wants to say. It is not a problem to us,” he said.

When asked if Flavour actually sold a million copies in five days, Femi said that they weren’t the ones who gave out the information.

“If you want to find out if the figure is accurate or not, you would need to speak to the marketer. The long and short of it is that Flavour is the number one selling artiste in Nigeria today. We did not come out to say that we sold a million copies in five days; it was reported. We were not the ones that put out the story and you would need to call whoever put out the story and ask them to corroborate their claims,” he said.

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