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Gaza conflict: Truce ends amid fresh fighting

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A truce between Israel and Palestinian militants in
Gaza has ended amid fresh air strikes which Israel
says were countering rocket fire.

Palestinian group Hamas said the wife and child of its
military commander Mohammed Deif were killed in
the raids.

Israel said about 50 rockets were launched from
Gaza on Tuesday, but there were no injuries

Talks in Cairo to end the violence broke up with no
deal, and Israeli delegates said they would return

Officials say 2,016 Palestinians and 66 Israelis have
died since Israel began its offensive on Gaza on July

Azzam al-Ahmad, the lead Palestinian negotiator and
a senior member of the Fatah movement, blamed
Israel for the failure to reach a deal.

“There was an Israeli decision to make the Cairo talks
fail,” he said in quotes carried by Reuters news

However, Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that rocket fire
from Gaza had “made continuation of talks
impossible” and “destroyed the premise upon which
the talks were based”.

The US has voiced concern about the renewed
hostilities, and blamed Hamas, the Gaza-based
Palestinian Islamist group.

“Israel has the right to defend itself against such
attacks,” state department spokeswoman Marie Harf
told reporters.

Israeli officials said the first three rockets landed in
open fields near Beersheba, causing no injuries. Two
were intercepted over Netivot.

Later, longer-range rockets targeted Tel Aviv and
Jerusalem, the Israeli military said – and warning
sirens have sounded around southern and central

Witnesses in Gaza reported several Israeli air strikes,
from Beit Lahiya in the north to Rafah in the south.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8
with the aim of ending rocket fire. It also sought to
destroy tunnels dug under the frontier with Israel
used by militants to launch attacks.

The Palestinian health ministry says that 2,016
Palestinians have been killed since the offensive
began, including 541 children and 250 women.

The Israeli authorities say 64 Israeli soldiers have
been killed, along with two Israeli civilians and a Thai

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