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Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney says she was under 18 when the hacked nude photos of her were taken … and now she’s taking legal action against several porn sites that reposted the images.

TMZ has learned one of Maroney’s attorneys fired off a letter to … informing the site that McKayla was underage in several of the photos. The letter demands the images of McKayla — who turned 18 last December — be taken down immediately.

Another attorney for the gymnast sent a different letter to multiple websites stating Maroney owns the copyright on the hacked photos.

The legal claims by her attorneys are a strong indication the photos really do show McKayla — even though she said on Twitter they were “fake photos.” It’s also possible only portions of the images are really McKayla. The letter is not specific.

A rep for tells us they immediately removed the pics once they got the letter from Maroney’s attorney.

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