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I’m not engaged to any man –Miss Tourism Planet

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My name is Mildred Onumaegbu. I am the current Miss Tourism Nigeria, Planet. I am from Anambra State. I am a final year student of Lagos State University, studying English Education. I am the fourth child of six. Growing up was fun and exciting. I am friendly and love to meet people. I also like to travel.

Family support

My family is the best I would ever wish to have. They have always supported me right from the first day I went into modelling, especially my father. He is my number one fan and always calls me each time he sees me on the television or reads my interviews. My mum always advises me on what outfit to wear and one of my sisters is my stylist. One needs family support to be successful in every endeavour in life.

Miss Tourism pageant

It was the toughest pageant I have ever contested for. There were 31 girls from different states. All the girls were beautiful and intelligent. They all had the qualities of a queen. I almost lost my confidence at some point and thought I would not make it. It was God’s favour and my qualities that saw me through. I will represent Nigeria at the Miss Universe Princess in India by the end of the year and I intend to win at the competition.

Pet project

I am working on women empowerment. I have seen the need for women to be empowered, educated and informed in the society. These days, women can rule the world. I talk to girls who have special talents but do not have the needed funds to develop their skills. Also, I am trying to get sponsors to facilitate the project.

Crown and schooling

It is indeed stressful. It has not been easy, but God keeps seeing me through it all. I started modelling right from my first year in school, and today I am a queen. But I know school comes first.

Life as a queen

It has given me a different level of exposure. I have met many people since becoming a queen. It is very demanding and I see myself as a role model to other girls. I know people are watching everything I do. I watch what I say or do in public and I try to keep things as real as possible. It has not taken away my freedom. I am still the same person I was and I still have my old friends. I still go to the same places I used to go to but with caution. Being a queen comes from within. It is not enough to go for a pageant and win. People may have different motives for contesting. I would advise people to find their purposes in life and fulfill it.


The industry is growing, but we all need to contribute what we can to make it better. We cannot just leave everything to the government. We, the youths, must work together to make things better in the country.

Life aspirations

I always saw myself as a queen. I would picture myself with an invisible crown. My present status is a confirmation of my dreams.


I am not engaged, and I am not searching either. I am comfortable the way I am, but my ideal guy must be God-fearing. He must know that I am a woman of substance. He has to encourage and support me in anything I want to do. My ideal guy must be my best friend.


I am stylish, but I do not overdo it. I believe in keeping it simple and being comfortable in whatever I wear. Style is being beautiful, elegant, glamorous and confident in whatever you wear. You have to look beautiful irrespective of how cheap your clothes are. My style is simple, elegant, classy and chic.

Beauty routine

It is necessary to work out to stay beautiful. I work to stay the way I am, but I am not on a diet. I love food even though it does not show on me, but I try not to overeat so as not to put on more weight. I eat properly. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I am a model but people think models do not eat. I eat a lot.


I would tell ladies who want to be beauty queens to believe in themselves and always wear an invisible crown. They should learn to carry themselves as queens. They do not have to wait until they wear the crown. They should stay focused, determined and pursue their dreams.

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