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I’m spending so much money on my music — Gloria Ibru

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Gloria lbru isn’t your conventional artiste of today, unlike most of her peers, she believes music should be done live and not simulated. The talented  daughter of renowned business mogul, Olorogun Michael Ibru, recently disclosed at the official unveiling of her fresh video  Sugar Mama that  she is doing music which   will still be relevant in the next 30 years.
“ I am doing music that will be relevant in 30 years. I don’t want to do music that is forgotten in six months, which is why I am spending so much time and so much money doing the music. Believe me, the money will come back”.
Describing the concept behind her music video, she said: “The concept of Sugar Mama video was inspired by Elvina Ibru. My life has always been one that I had to see and make sure everybody is happy. I hate to pass by and see somebody sad. I will definitely ask : “Is everything okay?”. In Sugar Mama I am in my bar and a young man walks in looking sad. I walk up to him, asked him what was wrong, he joined us when the music started playing and became happy once again. The video is not about sex ,it’s not about romance, it’s just about making one person happy and carrying on with life which describes my personality.
When asked what her challenges have been, she   said: “The whole album is played live, it’s not simulated music. The instruments are played  live, we do not have the equipment in Nigeria to do them at once. So the instruments record one after the other, it takes time and money. Now, what we need to do is to encourage Nigerians that love music to come in and invest in proper studios. It will be cheaper for younger people to do music live if we have more studios. The reason young artistes do simulated music is because it’s so expensive. This is why we are not getting real music out of Nigeria”

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