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Julius Agwu:The zero to hero of a versatile Comedian!

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It is no news anymore that Ace Comedian, Julius Agwu was born “without a spoon” as he always mention in most of his interviews.
His story is that of a young man who wasn’t born into wealth, yet his love for the good things of life prompted his struggle which led to his glory. Julius devised ways to become better than his contemporaries even at School, social gatherings and everywhere he went.
Agwu began the journey as a little sales boy; hawking wares on the streets of Portharcourt; he was only a young boy,but he became a perpetual late-comer just because he had to attend his own business in the early hours of the morning before going to School which was also in the morning. His saviour on such days which were not few was his comedy and entertainment.
He would get to the School very late and he would have to entertain his class until it became a pattern for him to get to the class late and entertain everyone as punishment.
It is no wonder that, entertainment and comedy is an integral part of his life. Julius Agwu charges over three million naira per show as a comedian and as a performer, He is a musician, an actor as he has acted in some movies; he kicked- off his acting career when he acted in a popular, Nigerian movie titled“Rattle Snake”.
Rattle Snake was shot and produced in 1993. Julius also comperes events as well as he does other businesses.
Today, he has taken upon himself to run for the gubernitorial election in his state in 2015. In this edition, we introduce to you, a versatile young man who is planning another ‘Crack Ya Ribs show’ in Abuja next month, as well as his declaration party.
Julius D’ Genius
Julius Agwu is from Choba in Obio /Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State. He was born 41 years ago in Choba, Portharcourt main Town on April 7th, 1973 to Chief Augustine Amadi Agwu and Mrs. Mary Agwu. He was the fifth child of his father’s six children.
He completed his primary education in Choba and attended Government Secondary school, Borokiri, also in Portharcourt. He obtained a Diploma in Theatre Acts and a degree also in Theatre Arts.
Although it was not rosy for Julius even as a student, in the University as he virtually sponsored himself, but that didn’t stop him from taking it further. While in the Higher Institution, Julius would travel all the way from Portharcourt to Lagos sitting on the ”attachment” seat, just to find greener pasture in entertainment .
It was one of such journeys that he first landed a role in the movie titled “Rattle Snake’ in 1993. After Rattle Snake, Julius did other movies and also produced one of his titled ‘the gods also cry’.
He tried his hands also in music, since he was in the choir as a child and as a youth. Julius Agwu single-handedly founded the genre of music in Nigeria known as musicomedy which actually made him so popular.
He became the first Comedian to release a comedy album in Nigeria and since then many other Comedians have tried their hands and have been successful.
After conquering the home front, D’ Genius took his shows and skills to different parts of the world; he has shows in Atlanta, Maryland, London, among others. He has show case his Crack Ya Ribs and Laff for Christ Sake in these places and received many accolades.
Charity/ Foundation
One outstanding thing about Julius Agwu is that he is a massive giver and considers people.
This, he display via his yearly Crack Ya Ribs shows where he usually sponsors all his cast and crew abroad. With the support of some great establishments like the Diamond Bank, Arik Air, which has been his official airline and Virgin Nigeria.
He has a foundation called JAFOY, Julius Agwu Foundation for the Youths. Under which he has a football talent hunt that he does in Portharcourt yearly, he also supports the orphanages. He empowers and creates platforms to enable the youths both in Rivers state and other parts of Nigeria to achieve their dreams.
Awards/ Recognition
As recent as a week ago, D’ genius travelled to Dehli, India for a summit sponsored by the Indians. The summit was to discuss the way forward for the Nigerian entertainment business partnering with the Indian entertainment business.
He was their guest of honor and the only African invited to speak. Julius Agwu has won lots of awards and nomination both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.
He was the first to take comedy abroad as a way of making the Africans in Diaspora feel at home. His latest show in Abuja for October is sponsored by Heritage bank; the official airline is Dana.
Julius believes in investing in human lives more than buying all the properties in the world; it is no wonder, he registered a Construction company in Portharcourt where he has employed many Youths, and the aged.
These ones for lack of employment would have ended up as armed robbers, militants, prostitutes and killers. Perhaps, this is the singular reason why the sons and daughters of Rivers state in the Diaspora believe so much in him and are willing to support him come 2015? Julius Agwu plans to pick up the mantle when his brother, Governor Rotimi Amechi, the present governor leaves.
Properties/ cars
Although he is still in a nice, rented apartment on the Island, the dude has a state of the art mansion in Portharcourt. He is also secretly concluding a mansion in Portharcourt for his … As for cars, the dude loves the Mercedes Benz above all, he is of the opinion that the Benz is a machine. He has the latest 4matic SUV and a few others.
The dude loves standing out in bright clothings and he does his designs himself.

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