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JUST IN: Senegal Sacks Prime Minister

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Less than a week after failing to win a
seat in local elections, Aminata Toure
(pictured) has lost her position as the
prime minister of Senegal.

She was defeated in her Grand Yoff constituency in Dakar, the capital city, by the mayor, Khalifa Sall, on Sunday.

President Macky Sall, in a decree on Friday, announced that Toure was no longer prime minister in what may signal a shift in the direction of government as the ruling party lost
in major cities.

Sall, who came into power two years ago after ending Abdoulaye Wade’s 12-year reign, is accused by voters of failing to tackle corruption and poverty.

The next elections are scheduled for 2017 but the president seems to be taking political steps to deliver on his reform promises.

Toure was the second female prime minister of the West African country, which enjoys the distinction of being the only nation in the sub-region yet to experience military rule.

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