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Kunle Afolayan says ‘October 1′ is not in competition with ’30 Days in Atlanta

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Award-winning Nollywood filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan has stated that his films are not produced to suit only one type of platform, but are designed to do well in any territory across the world.

Kunle stated that his latest film, October 1 is not in any way in competition with Ayo Makun’s 30 Days in Atlanta.

‘For me, it’s really not about just one platform. The Nigerian cinema box office is one platform, but there are so many other platforms around the world. There are some films that will do well in this territory but would not do well in other territories. I make films that will do well in any and every territory,’ he said, adding that: ‘We did private screenings, and we’ve done screenings on other platforms. There’s really no competition. 30 Days in Atlanta is a highly commercial film and I’m glad that it has done so well in the cinemas as this will give a lot of people encouragement to do similar projects.’

October 1 was premiered at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles earlier this February, 2015, and the film enjoyed rave reviews from the audience and jury, with a special guest attendance by American screen icon, Denzel Washington.

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