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More Naija Celebrities going to have their babies in America

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Despite the United States government efforts at tightening the noose on Nigerian pregnant women who have formed the habit of travelling to the US to deliver their babies, more pregnant celebrities are steadily jetting out of the country to do so.
The latest celebrity who has joined the train is actress Nuella Njubigbo. She’s currently having swell time with her beau, Tchidi Chikere, in the US, where she is expected to deliver her first child.
Nuella and her beau travelled to the US few weeks after actress Uche Ogbodo returned to the country with her baby.
Two years ago, actress Mercy Johnson was in that country where she delivered her daughter, as well as Annie Macaulay Idibia among others. Interestingly, by birth, these babies become citizens of the US as they are qualified to enjoy all the benefits of US citizenship.
Those in the know say, Nuella is in the first week of her last trimester and that she would remain in the US until their bundle of joy is born.
The couple is said to have been spotted at different stores in New York, shopping for their first baby together few days back. Though the sex of the unborn baby is yet to be ascertained, this is Tchidi’s 4th child and Nuella’s first child.The couple got married about seven months ago.

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