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“My Parents Are Not Related, I Was Misunderstood” – Harrysong Speaks On Rumours, Career & More

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Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, is one of the hottest artistes currently in Nigeria. The Better Pikin crooner during a recent interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly talked extensively about his career. He also talked about the rumour comcerning his parents being relates and sundry issues….

What do love most about being a songwriter?

I can’t really talk about what I love most being a songwriter but I love the inspiration I get whenever I want to write a song. I love this feeling.

harryWhat does music mean to you?

Music means life to me. Then three things: love, perfection and God.

How would you describe your kind of music?

My kind of sound is called infusion.

What prompted the idea of your first song, I’m in Love?

I did that song for my mum. She was the only thing until she died, I happened to be the only child of my parents. I actually did that song to keep loving myself for my mom, because I loved her so much.

Would you say you are at the peak of your career?

No, I think this is a new platform for me. I’m just starting and I’m working harder to be there.

How do you feel being an MTN ambassador?

I feel good. I feel privilege and I also feel the heat of more work to be done.

How were you contacted?

I was taken there by KCee being on the same platform. There, I met with Mr. Lanre, the CMO who watched me sing and perform and fell in love with my talent. Here I am today and I thank God.

What do you think gave you an edge?

The grace of God.

How much is the deal?

That’s confidential.

What are the duties expected of you as an MTN ambassador?

A lot. As an MTN ambassador I’m to market the brand, which is the Y’ello brand. It is the biggest in Africa right now. What we are marketing now is better. We are trying to make everything digital and better. So, I market their brands as they also market my brand as Harrysong.

How do you intend carrying out these duties without it affecting your career?

It doesn’t affect me in any way. It only makes me better and bigger. It also helps in expanding my fan base. Everything I do as MTN brand is 90 percent music. It doesn’t take me out of my field.

How are you basking in the success of your hit, Better Pikin?

Better Pikin is a blessing to my life, everybody in Africa right now wants to be a Better Pikin. It has really affected me positively.

Are you working on releasing an album?

I’m going to release an album next year but I’m currently working on releasing two singles and a video this year.

Harrysong and Yaw

Being with Five Star Music, how would you recount your journey with them?

Five Star Music is home.

In what ways have you benefitted from this family?

My career is bigger now. Harrysong is a better and refined person now. I think I see clearly where I’m going to now. I get to the studio, record some songs then set some platform for myself and the management takes it from there. So, it’s a platform well put together.

What brought about your cordial relationship with KCee?

KCee has been my friend since my band boy days at Ojez Nite Club. He was always there to watch me perform. He sprayed me money each time he came, though it was KC Presh then. I call him brother though he is my friend.

Can you please throw light on the issue of your parents being related?

It was a misunderstanding of an interview I granted a longtime ago. They misunderstood what I said. I don’t know how it popped up again but right now, everyone is at peace. For an answer to that question go and listen to my single entitled, My Story, where I talked about it.

People have this premonition that you and KCee might break up soon, do you see that coming?

We can’t break up because we are not a group. We are different artistes signed to the same platform and we are friends.

Nigeria music industry is quite competitive now, how do you intend to stand the test of time?

The competition is for men and not boys. So, it takes only men to scale through. I’m not competing with anybody, I appreciate people who are good at what they are doing in the music industry. I believe in myself and I know I have what it takes to be here.

Are you into any relationship?

I’m not into any relationship right now, I’m a very busy person and women need to be treated as special beings that they are. How do you expect a woman you claim to love cope with your absence whenever she needs you around? That’s why I say think before not after. When I’m ready I will search for my woman.

Where do you see in yourself in five years?

Five years, I see myself as a blessing to the world by the special grace of God. I see myself not just a songwriter for this country alone but for Nigerian artiste outside this country and also a platform in and outside the country for the Nigerian music industry.

What do you have for your fans?

I wish my fans blessings, I wish you blessings because when I go through storm and fire they are always with me. When certain things go wrong they are the first that come to my mind. I see them showing me love through there tweets, messages.  God bless them.

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