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New Music: Bibi – ‘Free’

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Afro-soul singer Bibi who last July dropped two singles ‘Jeje’ and ‘Endlessly’ has released yet another classic song you can best describe as an awesome masterpiece. Bibi once again proves to the world with this new song that she’s right on her way to becoming Africa’s queen of soul. The combination of magic, talent and inspiration her voice emits is so good you can’t deny she’s got an enormous future lying ahead of her in the music industry.

Her new single ‘Free’ describes her passion to live her life in absolute freedom and shatter everything limitation on her way to self-actualization.

Bibi asks the questions; Have you ever felt like you’re being held back by certain mental and social limitations? Do you think you could live a freer and more expressive life? This is the song to take you there! Just click play, then spread your wings and fly!

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