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News: Birdman and Lil Wayne still at war

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Birdman and Lil Wayne have officially declared war between themselves and refuse to settle in a father and son manner. Wayne wants to sue his mentor, claiming among other things Birdman owes him $8 million.

Birdman and Wayne tried coming to terms this week but it was not meant to be. Now Wayne will ask a judge to declare him free of Cash Money and Birdman’s control. Wayne claiming Birdman has violated their contract by withholding the release of his new album.

As for the $8 m claim … Wayne says Birdman owed the money for his latest album — it was supposed to be an advance.  

Birdman has held firm … he will release the album “in due time,” but clearly that’s not good enough for Wayne.

According to report, Wayne will keep recording but he will release his works outside of the Cash Money umbrella.

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