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News: Buhari ‘I’ll fight President in 2019,’ Ben Murray-Bruce says

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Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has said that he will fight President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Murray-Bruce, who represents the Bayelsa East Senatorial District, however said that he will support Buhari till then.

The Senator made the comments while speaking in an interview with Peace Hyde of Forbes Africa.

“Buhari is the president today; he is my president. I must respect him regardless of what I feel. In 2019 we can fight but right now I want the economy to grow. If I take the position that I want to destroy APC and destroy Nigeria, will there be any Nigeria for me to fix in 2019?” he said.

“So it’s a dumb move to try to destroy your president or somebody you hate and destroy your country in the process. I’ll fight Buhari in 2019 but today he is my president; I will support him.

“My greatest goal in life is to support the poor and I support them for two reasons. One, they are poor and they need help. Second is that if you don’t support them, they will kill you. The rich uses the poor to kill the rich. They kidnap, rape and maim you. We have a serious problem in this country,” he added.

Murray-Bruce also said that Nigeria’s presidents should appoint ministers of common sense because “a lot of people in government do dumb things.”

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