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News: Kim & Kanye Not Heading South … With New Baby Name Read more:

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going through the compass when it comes to naming baby #2 . We’ve learned there will be no sequel to North West.

Sources close to the couple said there’s NO CHANCE their new bundle of Joy will be inspired by direction, like their firstborn. Everyone’s been speculating they’d go with something like South, East or even Easton, but  they may  simply no direction in play.

The main reason,  is they want the name to be strong. With North, there was a power element because it’s always on top, or pointing up. The other 3 just don’t have that swagger.

Sources said right now they’re leaning toward something more traditional … with a family-related influence. Think less ‘K’ name … and more likely something connected to Kim or Kanye’s late parents.

Kim’s due in December, so they’ve got time to sort it out. Perhaps they’ll even go seasonal … Winter West has a nice ring to it, but no word on the sex yet.

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