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News: Okorocha ‘Nigerian youths not yet ripe for leadership,’ Governor says

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Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha said for the present generation of youths to have a shot at leadership roles in the country “they need to be well-groomed by the present leaders.”

Okorocha identified ethnicity and bigotry as serious issues in the country’s political landscape. He said this as part of his Christmas goodwill message released by his Chief Press Secretary Sam Onwuemeodor, where he noted that as a result of the deep-rooted ethnicity and religious bigotry in the country, the present leaders cannot afford to hand over power to the youths, according to The Sun.

What Nigerians, the leaders in particular, need to do now is to unite and begin to build a country of our collective dreams and aspirations”.

“The leaders cannot afford to hand over to the next generation what we have at the moment as a nation, in which ethnicity, religious bigotry and zoning of political offices are still the order of the day”, the statement read.

He continued, “Nigerians must endeavour to hand over to the next generation, a united and prosperous nation, all the ethnic and religious groups can be proud of.

On the current economic meltdown, Okorocha called on Nigerians to accept the situation as a national challenge.

He said: “Nigerians especially the leaders should appreciate themselves and see the current recession as a national challenge and for Christians in the state in particular to pray more than they had never done before, for the good of the state and her people.

Recall that Governor Okorocha had recently blamed what he described as lack of peace among past leaders as the major cause for discord among Nigerians.

Written by Osiri Ndukwe

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