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News:Goodluck Jonathan ‘I wanted to hide for 1 year,’ Ex-President says

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Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has said that he planned to be in hiding for one year but was forced to come out due to the death of Mrs Hannah Idowu Dideolu (HID) Awolowo on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Jonathan and his wife, Patience visited the Awolowo home in Ikenne, Ogun State on Wednesday, September 23.

“My wife and I are not mourning because Mama has passed on. For me, we believe that it’s a rare privilege to add extra 29 years to the biblical three scores and 10; it’s not easy,” Jonathan said.

“We, just like her immediate children, and indeed this country, have missed her. Within this period, my wife and I have been hiding; we don’t even go out. We thought we’ll be hiding for at least 12 months.

But in this particular case, we cannot hide. So, we have come for the condolence and to encourage our brothers and sisters that we are together. God brought her for all of us. She just had to be the direct mother of a few but she was a mother to all. We shall mourn more than even the direct children would,” he added.

Also present during Jonathan’s visit was the former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

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