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Neymar to appear in court over image rights

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Barcelona striker, Neymar will appear in a Brazilian court following a lawsuit against him by a company which owns part of the player’s image rights, the DIS Group.

According to a report by Spanish daily, Marca, DIS are in disagreement over the amounts received concerning Neymar’s signing with Barcelona and have filed a lawsuit to that effect.

The company argues that they didn’t receive a fair share of the money pertaining to the amount declared by Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu regarding the player’s transfer back in 2013.

DIS stated that it received part of the €17.1 million (more than $19 million) amount that was first declared, but not the share of the €90 million that the Barça president eventually admitted was paid for the player’s signature.

The date the former Santos star will appear before the Brazilian authorities has not yet been set but the judge presiding over the case has already given Wagner Ribeiro, the man who takes care of the player’s businesses, 5 days to appear in court, with the documents regarding the Santos-Barcelona transfer in hand before Neymar will make an appearance in court.

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