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Photo: He threatened to kill me with a knife – 9-year-old girl raped by man living with her parents in Zaria

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A 9-year-old old girl is presently admitted at St Lukes Anglican Hospital, Wusasa, Zaria after she was raped by a man living with her parents. Below is the report posted on Instagram by makeup artist, Jamila Abdullahi Yunusa:

 “Okay, my younger brother was admitted in the hospital and then I came across this 9 year old girl in the ward.. Inna liLlahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raajiun. She was raped by a guy that lives with her parents, they feed him, and gave him shelter in their home. 

And of all the favours done by the parents, he paid them by raping their daughter. 
When I asked the little girl, she said ‘he threatened me with a knife and said he’s going to kill me’. The guy was arrested immediately.
Now, the relatives of the guy just came to the hospital and they’re begging the mother to let it go, forgive and forget. And they also informed her that if she doesn’t want to let it go, they know their ways, and they’ll make sure the guy is released. (They’re threatening the mother)
I’m calling on the government and other NGOs to please do something about it.They live in Chikaji Zaria. Presently admitted in St Lukes Anglican Hospital, Wusasa, Zaria

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