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Police officers allegedly kill man over refusal to pay bribe in Anambra (Graphic photo)

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A man has been shot dead in Anambra state by men alleged to be police officers.

According to Ngini Ebelechukwu, the Metro Patrol Police shot the young man while trying to intimidate his driver to bribe them. Unfortunately, the gunshot was fatal and the officers fled when they saw that the man had been killed.

The incident reportedly happened at Agulu, before the Unizik campus in Anambra state.

Sharing photos of the victim, Ngini wrote:

Before my very eyes the Metro Patrol Police shot this guy in a bid to intimidate his driver into parting way with bribe,they previously held me to obtain from me. They threw away my papers as they flee the scene.

I am posting this before they bury the evidence.
I am an eyewitness,am ready to testify.

This happened at Agulu before the Unizik campus.

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