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[SPORT] Forward’s Mercedes found crashed with hippy crack canisters inside

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Canisters of hippy crack were found in the Mercedes of Raheem Sterling after it crashed on a London street.


Hippy crack canisters were found in the Mercedes of Raheem Sterling after it crashed in London.

The forward was however not inside the car when it crashed as he is with his Manchester City teammate preparing for tonight’s league game at West  Brom.

Sterling according to reports lend the car to a friend who crashed the mercedes.

Pictures taken from inside revealed two blue nitrous oxide canisters on the floor of the car which was taken to Manchester for repairs.

It seems we have lost count of how many times Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling has been caught  in connection to hippy crack.

Photos of the 20-year-old smoking a ‘hippy crack’  were splashed on the pages of UK newspapers some months ago.

Sterling according to report was given a stern talking to by Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers but it seems he did not heed to those warning as he took to the nitrous oxide just weeks after.

The  England international was filmed partying on a yacht in Ibiza with a pink balloon in his mouth, it was claimed.

In that footage obtained by the UK Sun Sterling is seen laughing and dancing  with friends while holding a green ballon.

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