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There may be Sequels to 30 Days in Atlanta —AY

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Comedian,  Ayo Makun also known as AY has revealed that his wave-making movie 30 Days In Atlanta cost him a lot financially. The movie which clinched the comedy movie of the year at the Best of Nollywood awards has been getting a lot of rave reviews.
In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, the entertainment entrepreneur said: “I am satisfied with how well 30 Days In Atlanta is doing. The people who have seen it are already asking for a sequel. Trust me, if the demands continue, we will go for it. I will be very honest  I only pictured and anticipated  it doing well. I only wished, but seeing it happen is a different ball game. I will say categorically that I didn’t know it will be this successful. It cost a lot of money and relationships to put the movie together. As a matter of fact, I am not good with mentioning figures. It cost a lot of money to put 30 days in Atlanta together”.

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