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This is Really How Corpses are transported To and From the Mortuary in Congo

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According to a Facebook user, in Congo, corpses are transported to and from the mortuary using motorcycles.

Not only that, the corpses are wrapped up and placed in a sitting position, so that it is leaning against the bike rider as can be seen in the photo below.

Sharing photos of a corpse on a bike, Tam Jam wrote: “Liberian Wait, what? Is this really how corpses are transported to and from the mortuary in Congo? (photos) Can you do this business like our brothers in Congo if you are a Boda Boda rider? transporting corpse to and from mortuary? Majority of youth are in the business in that country.”

For some reason, this is really disturbing. And according to the Facebook post, it’s a source of income for youths in Congo.

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