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What Surulere was all about-Dr. Sid

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Dentist turned singer, Dr Sid, born Sidney Onoriode Esiri, son of late legendary actor, Justus Esiri is definitely having himself a ball with life. Aside his booming career, the singer just married the love of his life, Simi Osomo and the icing on the cake came for him when telecom giant, MTN slammed him with a multimillion naira ambassadorial deal.
The cool-headed singer who confided in Potpourri that he is having a blissful marriage experience said the Mavin crew are all a big family.
Also speaking on his hit single Surulere, the singer told us the inspiration behind the song. “Obviously some people were mistaking Surulere thinking we were talking about Surulere, the area. It does work on two levels” he said
We hail the people from Surulere because even I, as an artiste, when I started out in music with Trybe Records, we were based in Surulere. Surulere basically means ‘Patience is rewarding’ and it’s just a song that describes the journey of Dr Sid; Where I’ve been, where I’m at right now, where I’m going to, that’s the idea. We’re trying to create a song that could capture that experience and we also wanted to make a song that people can relate to. When you listen to the song it speaks to something in your soul and hopefully, it would inspire you and motivate you to push and keep working harder”.

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