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Why I am Suing Morgan Entertainment – Emeka Morocco

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Dr Prince Emeka Morocco Maduka has filed a lawsuit against his CEO Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor Jr. Issues started between the duo after the death of Chief Ozoemena Nsugbe AKA Ayaka Igbo Nine. The Eze Egwu Ekpili of Igbo land Dr Morocco Maduka, the most senior artiste at Morgan Entertainment last month traveled to United States of America for an all expense paid medical checkup which he is entitled to. He however requested for a meeting with the US Based CEO who stopped the release of his tribute song to late Dr Ozoemena Nsugbe and also his album.

Morgan Entertainment claims that the reason for stopping the song and album is because it attacked the CEO Emeka Morgan and revealed a lot of things unknown to the public which was meant to be released on the 28th of January 2015. Morgan Entertainment management stated that Morocco’s contract will be terminated if the King of Egwu Ekpili does not withdraw the court case without trying to resolve the matter internally.

Several people including The new King of Highlife Onyinye Osita Osadebe. He said ” Morgan Entertainment is a founding father of Igbo music and the record label has done so much for us and they deserves some respect. The new King of highlife also said that Prince Morocco Maduka is our father in traditional music he also deserves some respect.”

Prince Morocco Maduka insists that the tribute song for late Ozoemena must be released by January 28th 2015.Prince Morocco Maduka is claiming 150 million Naira for early termination of his contract. According to Morocco “the reason behind the CEO’s refusal for releasing the tribute song is because it could crush his political ambition. He must release my songs or I continue with the court case”.

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